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For a moment you just think that you are a commando and you have to save the people from terrorists or any other group like this because there is no one present other than you. You can use your skills to kill the bomber and can save the people life. Your mission is to clear the city from bombers, for this purpose you should have latest weapons for fighting against these dangerous people.

In Real Commando Action you have variety of weapons to fight against bombers or attackers. It is a First Person Shooting game. Latest weapons will help you to kill the bombers. You also have to be careful while fighting with these people. For targeting we are using mini maps from maps you can search your target and hunt them. For detailed search you can use mini map for targeting. After killing your target you can pick their weapons and can use them too.

Features of Real Commando Action are:
• Different Challenging levels
• Variety in weapons
• Perfect and smooth controls
• Mini map for detailed search of target
• First Person Shooting

Download Real Commando Action game for free. 

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