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Get ready to enter in the wildlife simulation game; “Angry Wild - Bear Attack” which will take you to the high level of 3D craziness action games. Winter is about to come and the bears are looking for food to keep it warm and also alive. The bear is going in search of food in a forest environment where it has to face many other wild animals. Move and Attack, this game is to save the bear from wild animal attack or you can say from being prey of these deadly animals. You think he is cute and innocent; well here is your chance to save him from other wild animals looking for something to eat! Bear has to savagely attack anything that gets in his way. 

 “Wild bear attack” allows the bear to travel in 3D jungle survival game play. Bear has to race around snowy mountain hilly area, to hunt other animals. Feel like a real bear in this animal simulator game where you can attack 3d environment. This game is about angry bear survival; be like a real bear searching for forest hunt. Tear down other dangerous animals like lion or wolf pack before they hunt you down. 

Features of Angry Bear - Wild Attack are: 
• Amazing 3D graphics and environment
• Survival missions
• Excellent animations
• Realistic rainy weather
• Hunting challenges
• Safari Visit

Download now the “Angry Bear - Wild Attack” and enjoy playing this Jungle survival game with amazing features. Give us feedback for further improvements. For more details visit Mobiletin/blog .


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